Packaging up a B2B social media campaign

Antalis Packaging prides itself on being able to provide the best solutions for its customers, which was further reinforced by the launch of a brand new CAD table.

The objective was simple – to create a B2B social media campaign which raised awareness of the new CAD facility and expertise of Antalis’ packaging team to a niche target audience.

The result was a social media campaign called #YesWeCAD. Launched across Antalis Packaging’s Twitter and LinkedIn platforms, the objective was to generate engagement, showcase the bespoke packaging variants and highlight Antalis Packaging’s capability in creating unique concepts.

#YesWeCAD featured a dedicated campaign landing page, a video optimised for social media, creative images and assets such as animations. We underpinned the campaign with social media advertising over a four-week period. It generated just under 300,000 impressions, over 35,000 video views and 2,000 engagements across a niche B2B audience niche.

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