Green has always been an integral part of the Whistle PR identity – but over the last 18 months, it has taken on even greater significance. As both an agency and a team of individuals, being green – considering sustainability and our environmental impact – has become much more important and we wanted to share exactly what we have been doing.

As a business we have signed up to the SME Climate Commitment which means that along with other SMEs we have committed to halving our emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050.  SMEs account for 99.9% of the business population (source: FSB) so it’s important that we get aboard the net zero journey alongside the large corporates.

In order for us to achieve this, we have created an action plan including short, medium and long term goals that range from changing our office lighting to LEDs to expanding our recycling streams to include flexible plastics. We are planning to work with our landlord at the Fort Dunlop on longer term actions for the building as a whole and we have got our calculators out and are recording our carbon emissions so we can see where reductions can be made. We are also encouraging the team to get involved at home as well as at work with regular eco-challenges and incentives – Christmas is going green this year!

We will also be working with our regular suppliers and clients to look at how we can work together to make our value chain more sustainable; businesses are all in this together and sharing expertise is a significant way to ensure that tangible actions happen.  A key takeaway from COP26 is that businesses want (and need) to ‘walk the walk’ now and not just ‘talk the talk.’

As an SME we believe that because we are small we are more agile – so we are using this to our advantage and are excited to see how our business can continue this journey across 2022.

Claire Saltmarshe is the Business Support Manager at Whistle PR which works with clients to help develop a clear communications strategy around their sustainability roadmap, goals and achievements, whilst delivering on our own ambitions too. 

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