As Head of Christmas Operations up here in the North Pole, I think it’s important to thank my elves, reindeer and suppliers for all their hard work year-round, but especially after our busy Christmas preparations.  I’ve found it difficult over the years to show my gratitude to everyone I work with in a sustainable way. As you know, I’m always checking up on people’s behaviour across the world, so I know for a fact a lot of people face this same dilemma. To help you out this Christmas, I’ve compiled a list of quick tips and ideas that can help you show those you work with some appreciation:


  1. Craft-mas – do it yourself

Now, we all know my team are experts in this already, and have a whole workshop at their disposal, but anyone can do this on a smaller scale. Using recycled and sustainable materials, of course, it could be a nice idea to offer your colleagues and suppliers a homemade gift that has a more personal touch. What about a personalised coaster, or hand-painted plant pot for your employee’s desk? There are so many options to get creative!


  1. ‘Yule’ remember this for a lifetime

A lot of us (me included) often become very set in our ways of feeling like we need to give something that can be unwrapped at Christmas, but this is a habit we need to break. Gifting someone an experience is often much more meaningful and creates some lovely memories to be shared for a lifetime. This year I’m considering taking Mrs Claus to see the Northern Lights – we’ve not done that since we were much younger, so it’ll be a really meaningful trip for her. Maybe instead of sending your clients and suppliers gifts, why not take them out for a dinner, or to a festive event instead?


  1. Tis the season to shop locally

For those still wanting to give a physical gift this Christmas, buying local is  a great thing to do. Luckily for me, here at the North Pole we have a wealth of amazing options at our independent shops and retailers. I’ve got my eye on a gingerbread house at the North Pole Bakery that would make a lovely Christmas Eve treat for my head elf, and I’ve already reserved my order of locally grown carrots at the Snowflake Superstore for the reindeer. I’ll also make sure to wrap any gifts in recyclable wrapping paper too.


  1. Making spirits bright by giving back

We all know I’m the king of presents, but another good option to consider is donating to a charity close to the heart of your workers in place of giving them a gift directly. Helping those who are the most in need is often a much better way to spend your money this festive season. I’ll be making a donation on behalf of my workshop and staff to the Frosty Futures Foundation. The charity is based here in the North Pole and works towards lessening the effects of climate change, especially its impact on the polar ice we are surrounded by. My friends at Whistle are experts in this through their ongoing support for Smart Works Birmingham, National Literacy Trust and the Taylor Bennett Foundation.


  1. Sustainability is for life, not just for Christmas

The festive season can often make us all feel more charitable and conscious of our impact, but these changes need to be adopted year-round. Choosing a sustainable gift at Christmas is one step but will have a small impact if more eco-friendly practices don’t become part of our lifestyle. I, for one, have started fuelling my sleigh with renewables – Rudolph’s nose produces enough light for me to be able to add some solar panels to my sleigh!


I hope this helps you all be a little more sustainable over the festive season. If we can all do our bit, imagine the impact it will have! And with that, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!


This blog was written by Santa Claus, Managing Director and Head of Christmas Operations at the North Pole – with some help from Senior Account Executive Courtney Caile and Business Support Manager Claire Saltmarshe at Whistle PR.