It’s been 18 months and one global pandemic, since I last walked into Whistle PR. So, it would be untrue to say I wasn’t nervous. However, I was swiftly reminded that I had no reason to be.

My week has been enjoyable, calm, and most importantly informative, and I have the amazing team to thank. No question was one too many, and I’m leaving with a much firmer understanding of PR and Communications.


My week began with a team meeting, allowing me to quickly gauge the team dynamics and the range of services Whistle provide, clients they work with, and problems they solve. I was then thrown into the deep end and was tasked with writing a press release on kitchens. Interior design is hardly my forte, but I persevered. Two hours later, after having read many home-design magazines, I could tick my first project off my list.


What I enjoyed most about the week, and what is most appealing about PR, is that no day, or even hour, is the same, especially working within an ag

ency.  I was tasked with such a broad range of assignments, from curating Instagram captions to providing advice on how people should style their gardens. Working in PR means instantly having to become an expert on a range of topics, but I found it became like researching an essay or a university project…do enough reading and you can be the expert!


The culmination of my week’s work was to design and then present a PR proposal. My assigned venture was to formulate a plan for the launch of a whiskey brand in the UK, looking over Whistle’s previous work for inspiration. It struck me then what successful communications truly is, it’s the fusion of creativity and strategy. Your ideas need to be original and exciting, but purposeful, everything relating back to and supporting the objectives specified by your client. That for me is what I most enjoyed within the week, and I look forward to hopefully bettering my ability to do this as I embark on my future career.


While learning a lot at Whistle, my most important takeaway was how important a positive work environment is. Whistle is truly a team, supporting and encouraging each other. I think sometimes there’s a sense that to be successful, or a successful leader, you must be harsh, cut-throat, and foster competition with your co-workers. Whistle’s success has proven that that isn’t the case. Everyone wants the best for each other, and I got a sense they wanted the best for me, and the result is a trust pro-active, and enjoyable, work environment. Sarah and the whole team should be very proud of the culture they’ve all contributed to and created.


I cannot say with certainty that this will be my last adventure in the Whistle office, but for now, I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable week, and wish the team all the luck in the world.


Maddy Bridges is a postgraduate student at the University of Bristol, studying MSc Public Policy and joined Whistle PR for one weeks work experience in September 2021. Whistle PR offers a range of integrated communications services including strategic consultancy, PR, social media and internal communications. For further information email or contact us here.