Last month Instagram launched Broadcast Channels. Many users have noticed they are receiving notifications from accounts inviting them to join their Broadcast Channel. Some say this feature is a copy of Telegram, therefore we thought it would be a good idea to dive into what it is and how users can benefit from it.

What are Broadcast Channels?

Broadcast channels are one of the latest Instagram features that let creators send messages and updates to people who have joined their channel. For the receivers, this looks like a mass group chat you can’t reply to, but you can react to the creators’ messages with emojis. Creators can send text, photos videos, voice notes and polls. This feature is available only on Creator accounts and influencers can only invite their followers.

Users can share content they want with a specific group of people. This could be done to give access to exclusive content (like a behind-the-scenes look) or gain responses from users who are more engaged with the content. Broadcast channels give creators a one–way efficient communication method which saves them from sending a mass message to their followers or losing their updates in the feed.

This new feature can be combined with Instagram Subscriptions to boost revenue made from the platform. Creators therefore can make some channels exclusive for subscribers, while others are for everyone.

Complex for example uses this feature to alert users about new articles coming soon and run polls, while Steven Bartlett has created a channel named “Diary OF A CEO Exclusive Club” where he notifies followers about new interviews, run polls, and giveaways.

New Updates

Although the feature has launched recently, Meta has already announced a list of new updates that will be added:

  • Improved interaction: more interactivity will be added to gather feedback and engage the community.
  • Collaborations: creators will be able to collaborate with other creators by giving them access to their own audience and hopefully reach some of their audience.
  • New ways to promote your channels: Instagram is testing how creators could promote their channels on Instagram Stories with a link and the addition of setting ending dates and times for temporary channels.
  • Channel moderation: creators will be allowed to add moderators to manage members, messages, and content.

Instagram Broadcast Channels showcase how much the platforms values genuine connections and meaningful engagement. It offers a space for users to come together, explore their passions and connect with like-minded individuals. Meta is considering testing this feature on Facebook and Messenger in the next months.


Written by Gourav Kumar who is an Account Executive at Whistle PR which offers a range of integrated communications services including strategic consultancy, PR, digital and internal communications. For further information, email or contact us here