Think back to April 2020. Zoom quizzes and banana bread were all over your feeds. Everyone seemed to be embracing the lockdown lifestyle. Little did we know it would last over a year, completely changing the way we live.

With 13 months of lockdown under our belt, brands are relying on social media more than ever as we all navigate this uncertain climate.

We’ve put together the nine lessons we’ve learnt from the pandemic.

  1. Putting the influence into influencer

We still need influencers we can aspire to, but our idea of inspirational has shifted. We don’t just need an influencer to show off a product. We want to work with influencers who have meaning and purpose.


  1. Get intimate with your audience

Being indoors for over a year has meant your audience crave engagement. Be more personal, create unique conversations and share exclusive insights.


  1. Actions speak louder than words

There’s a direct correlation between an initiative and positive word of mouth around a brand. Empty comms will get you nowhere, so show your audience what you’re doing through meaningful campaigns.


  1. Social has finally proven its position as a lead channel

There are now 4.2 billion social media users around the world. If you’re not already investing money into social as a leading marketing channel, you need to.


  1. TikTok is working for brands

It goes without saying that authenticity is key. You need to reach out to creators who know the platform well but also fit with your brand ethos. Start small by publishing organic content to see what works.


  1. Introduce eCommerce for long-term growth

The increase in demand for online purchases and subscriptions are here to stay post-pandemic. Now is the time to build your ecommerce presence.


  1. Be hyper-reactive, and adjust creative to users

Adapt your creative and copy accordingly, make your content relevant; no one wants to see a tone-deaf post or ad.


  1. Substance over style

Say goodbye to highly edited and hello to lo-fi. No one cares where the product was shot. Authenticity is key.


  1. Put the social back in social media

Social has gone back to its roots. It’s a place for communities to support one another in these uncertain times. If you take one thing from this list, make it this.


Laura Stainton is a social media account director at Whistle PR which offers a range of integrated communications services including strategic consultancy, PR, social media, community engagement, internal communications and issues management. For further information, email or contact us here.