Illuminated Mirrors
Grand Designs Live

The client
Illuminated Mirrors, which offers more than 230 mirrors and cabinets specifically designed for modern living including a range of Hollywood Mirrors that stole the show on Britain’s Next Top Model.

What did they want?
With no PR experience and little marketing support, Illuminated Mirrors needed a helping hand that wouldn’t cost a packet. They came to Whistle PR with one request: to provide the tools that would enable them to maximise their presence at Grand Designs Live.

How did we do it?
A small budget meant show-stopping stunts and costly competitions were out of the question so we went back to basics. Exploiting every available opportunity, we prepared a cost-effective, comprehensive package of event support including press packs and online listings. Once the show started, it was over to them to impress.

Meeting every deadline with efficiency and care, our support package helped to make the show as successful as possible for Illuminated Mirrors. If that’s not enough, our press pack, which was expertly written with eyecatching design, impressed so much that it was even considered as a new company brochure.

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