CALA Homes
Engaging Communities

The client
CALA Homes is the UK’s most upmarket major home builder operating in the South of England, the Midlands and Scotland. The company focuses on high quality, well-designed homes in prime locations, from starter homes to luxury detached family properties.

What did they want?
Whistle was brought on board to review and make recommendations for a proactive and consistent approach to community consultation on new sites across CALA Homes’ Midlands business. The programme needed to meet a number of objectives including effective engagement with local communities throughout the planning process, clear communication of the benefits of each scheme and sensitive management of any concerns from local residents.

How do we do it?
Whistle worked as part of CALA’s land and planning team to create a communications strategy and messaging matrix for each new site. A suite of communications materials was created, from newsletters to public consultation boards, which avoided planning ‘jargon’ and ensured that plans and proposals could be easily understood by members of the public. Media briefings were held on key sites and Whistle operated a press office to ensure all media enquiries were dealt with efficiently. Websites, freepost feedback forms and dedicated email addresses were set up for each site to make it easy for local communities to provide their feedback.

CALA has developed a strong track record of planning approvals in the Midlands region. Media coverage of proposed sites are balanced in their messaging and local planning authorities have publicly praised CALA for its approach to community consultation.

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